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The Struggle Continues: The Legacy of Rosa Parks, with H.H. Leonards
Episode 221st February 2023 • Let's Talk Legacy • Southwestern Family of Podcasts
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H.H. Leonards, author, Founder of the O Museum in The Mansion in Washington, DC, Co-Founder of the nonprofit organization, and a close personal friend of civil rights hero Rosa Parks, details why every history book is plain wrong about the Montgomery bus boycott, how Parks' relation to race and civil rights was much more complex than black and white, the prophetic statement that Parks lived by which has now come true, and how "ego" is really an acronym, plus the way she converted a KKK member to a friend, her role as a silent, uncredited founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW), an unexpected connection to Prince and the Eagles, and the power of Park's continued legacy.



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