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Franchise Euphoria: Franchise Insights | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Business Training | Legal and Financial Strategy - By Josh Brown: Business Lawyer 11th August 2020
Bouncing Back from Pandemic Struggles with Larry Perkins of SierraConstellation Partners
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Bouncing Back from Pandemic Struggles with Larry Perkins of SierraConstellation Partners

Larry Perkins, Chief Executive Officer of SierraConstellation Partners, has more than 18 years of management consulting and advisory experience with companies undergoing transition. Larry has enhanced business performance for numerous companies on projects ranging from interim management, profit improvement and working capital management to strategic planning and transaction execution. Larry is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Don’t Be A Stranger, where he explores the secrets of strategic relationship building. He provides personal advice on how to create luck in business by offering techniques that can ultimately help readers develop their own enriching community.

Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Larry Perkins, the founder and CEO of SierraConstellation Partners, LLC.

[1:47] Josh welcomes Larry to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:10] Larry explains what type of services SierraConstellation Partners offers and what led him to founding the concept.

[3:37] The ideal candidate for the services at SierraConstellation Partners would be a business owner who is having business troubles.

[7:13] In Larry’s opinion, bankruptcy can be a very powerful in the right situation.

[8:50] Larry’s recent book, Don’t Be A Stranger, aims to help entrepreneurs establish strategic business relationships.

[13:07] The way SierraConstellation Partners earns a profit is through a fee structure system, which is why they have to be strategic in which clients they take on.

[14:30] Something Larry believes separates their business from their competitors is the quality of their team.

[15:46] If you want to learn more about SierraConstellation Partners, visit their website listed below.

[18:35] With COVID on the rise, Larry believes that more stimulus money may be coming in for business owners, however, they should operate under the assumption that no additional support is coming.

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