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The Power of Voice on Digital Content Creation
Episode 86th November 2023 • Your Voice Matters - by Inês Moura • Inês Moura
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Your content creation needs your voice? 🧐

🎧 On episode 8 of Voice: Behind The Scenes, I had the pleasure of speaking with Filipa Maia, a Digital Business Strategist and Content Creator based in Oregon, USA.

Filipa's dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and coaches craft strategic brands that truly resonate with their audience's.

🎙️ Join us, as we discuss the details of digital content and the transformative power of voice and...

📢 The challenges that content creators face regarding their voice.

📢 The time that Filipa decided to get help to record her videos

📢 The effects of her pregnancy in her voice

📢 How she never had issues with her voice again

And much more!

About my special guest:

🎤 Filipa is a Digital Business Strategist & Content Creator (podcast, online courses and memberships)

🎤 Lives in the USA with her family since 2021

🎤 Filipa's mission is to help entrepreneurs and coaches craft intentional brands and strategies.

You can find more about Filipa here:

🤳Instagram (@academiadenegociodigital)

🤳Instagram (

Join us for another insightful episode very soon, and always remember: Your Voice Matters 🗣️✨!




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