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James Lloyd - Changing People's Minds on Flexible Working
Episode 4417th November 2020 • Big Careers, Small Children • Leaders Plus
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It is easy to imagine that post Covid-19 the flexible working argument is solved, however many line managers, senior leaders and employers still have deep-rooted fears around losing control or a perceived lack of performance.

So how can we change their minds? What are the right arguments to help them to think differently?

Our guest today is HR Director James Lloyd and he is incredibly honest (which makes for a really thought provoking conversation) about the fact that initially, he inwardly cringed when he was presented with flexible working requests. 

He very quickly did a 180 on this when he started his own family and it’s incredibly interesting to hear more about how he changed his views, and actually, how we can deal with some of the more outdated views on flexible working generally.

James shares some of the persuasive arguments and practical tips that will help working parents secure the right flexible working arrangements, plus his expert advice on choosing employers who prioritise diverse working arrangements during this episode.

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This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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