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Farmbox Greens: Where Microgreens Take The Spotlight
Episode 17th October 2021 • Field to Fork • Made With Bacon
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In this episode of Field to Fork, we aim high for an in-depth exploration of vertical farming, a process currently underway not in a remote corner of farm country but in a very urban area of Seattle known as Sodo. Here among the warehouses and industrial parks of Sodo sits the headquarters of Farmbox Greens, an innovative operation that got its start in a residential garage.

Hear the fascinating Farmbox Greens story firsthand from two of the modern-day farmers working there bringing fresh ideas to the table: Emily Blessington and Ryan Rautureau.

We'll cover...

The roots of Farmbox Greens that go back to a home operation in West Seattle..

The unique challenges and opportunities presented by climate-controlled growing…

The different varieties grown by Farmbox Greens, and how they taste...

Some of the best ways to enjoy microgreens in your own cooking…

And where to find Farmbox Greens in dishes being served as part of Seattle Restaurant Week, October 24 through November 6, 2021.

Thanks to our sponsors Charlie's Produce and Seattle Restaurant Week!

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