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Pickleball Trainer to the Pro's - Leslie Roberts shares 4 Steps to Add to your Warm-Up to Prevent Pickleball Injuries
Episode 37th December 2022 • Pickleball CHIX Pickleball Podcast • pickleball CHIX ~ Annie + Rebecca
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Pickleball Trainer to the Pro's - Leslie Roberts

Shares 4 Steps to Add to your Warm-Up to Prevent Pickleball Injuries

Bring me the next shiny new thing. The pickleball chicks are obsessed with America's fastest growing sports pickable. Get ready for on and off the court hot topics, lots of last cocktails and champagne with your hosts, Annie and Rebecca.

This is the Pickleball CHIX third episode of the Pickleball Diaries where fun and laughter abounds, while the CHIX connect with special guest, Leslie Roberts.

Leslie has an impressive sports background with over 21 years of personal training experience, and has an interesting connection to the pickleball world, to include providing training to pros and other talented picklers - including amateur's with the goal to maximize the game, prevent injury, or recovery fully from injury. Leslie prides herself in impacting the unique needs of each person she works with.

We continue to be thankful for your interest in following us,

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As we dive into some great pickleball conversation with Leslie

Think about your routines, and what you are doing to prevent injury and take care of your one and only beautiful body.

Today’s “Word of the Day”

STRETCH  (you guessed it)

You know what to do – when you hear the word, “fun” have a sip – join the fun with the CHIX and their fabulous guest, Leslie!

 Today’s In the Kitchen Cocktail

The “Pickle” POPPER

History of the Shot:

Pickleball is a popping good time – your shot should be too! When your cupboard is full of pop rocks, and you just love creating fun new drinks, you come up with the “Pickle POPPER”

What is the shot?

  • Blue Raspberry Vodka
  • Elderberry tonic
  • Glass rimmed with pop rocks (bang bang)

How did Leslie start working with the Pickleball Pro’s?

As Leslie started to grow her pickleball skills, Jarad Paul with The Kitchen Community created a clinic to be held in Texas with MLP Pro, Zane Navratil conduct a clinic in Texas. During the clinic, Leslie saw something going on with Zane, and she offered to help him – and after that – she jumped on a virtual session with Zane in May of 2021 and they have been working together ever since!

Leslie’s primary goal is to enhance game, and stay out of trouble to learn more about bodies, mechanics and good movement patterns to stay out of injury.

Interesting Facts About Leslie

Leslie has played competitive volleyball, full contact professional football (in her mid 20’s). Leslie started playing pickleball during covid in a league, which is also when she started connecting with her clients through virtual personal training sessions, which have been very successful for her clients.

Leslie visited Minnesota in October and played at Mega Pickle and Pong in Chanhassen, Minnesota (our fav), and loved the special treatment by her teammate (yes warmed up the car – Minnesota Nice).

GET READY with These 4 STEPS

Tournament Ready - Ladder League Ready - Open Play Ready - Social Play Ready

4 Parts to a good Warm-Up from Leslie - a system Leslie has coached for a very long time.

Did you know that these 4 steps do "not" have to happen right before you play?

They should, however be a part of a regular system. Every person is different, and the components of each step may vary from person to person.

1.       Palpations (what is that) You can use a foam roller

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release or SMR. Kind of like a self-massage that is used to release muscle tension, improve flexibility and boost movement efficiency. Your tissues will respond to care and therapy.

2.     Static Stretching (could be done the night before) can be around the area of concern or the area  causing concern. Hence a personal trainer can help identify.

  •  Hold a position for a length of time, some areas should be held longer than others
  •  There is some scientific value to hold times, but there really is no magic button.

3.     Dynamic Stretching – which is stretching with movement. Instead of holding a quad stretch, maybe swing your leg.

4.     Raising your core temperature

  • During your dynamic portion you are preparing your body neuromuscularly, raising your body heat and activating muscles getting ready for your sport – or in this case –the fabulous game of pickleball.

There is an immediate value and pay-off to this 4 step system. You will feel better on the pickleball court, and more than likely enjoy your games more fully.

Leslie's Favorite Pickleball Moment

Leslie started at 3.2, and now has medaled at 5.0! CONGRATULTIONS LESLIE!!!

The MLP - Minors would be one of the favorite moments for Leslie. The tournament was the first one for Minor Leagues in pickleball during the month of October. Amrik Donkena - who is a Pro at Mega Pickle and Pong (our fav) needed to turn around and fly right back to Minnesota Friday at 1 pm as his wife was having a baby.

Leslie got to work and reached out to her contacts the night before the tournament and found a player for 7 am court time (in Texas), he drove all the way from Joplin Missouri.

Do you know about the MLP Format?

Leslie loves the MLP Format, where everyone is invested in the team. The MLP pickleball format includes a 4 person team - rally scoring.

Leslie is waiting to see what the Minor League is going to offer for tournaments, stay tuned!

Let's talk about tools for pickleball players


Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the whole-body or specific areas are exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

Cryotherapy can be administered in a number of ways, including through ice packs, ice massage, coolant sprays, ice baths, and even through probes administered into tissue.

Red Light Therapy

The use of red and infrared light is a well-researched method of therapy which can increase performance and potentially enhance soft tissue recovery for anyone playing sports, including pickleball.

Vodoo Bands (Vodoo flossing)

Vodoo Wide X Band This provides compression and is suited for hard to get to areas.

Compression Boots

Perfect to improve circulation, improve lymphatic function, release muscle tension

We want to know Leslie…

Who would you love to play pickleball doubles with?

Leslie’s answer “a significant other” (what a great partner Leslie would make)

We want to meet your DOGS

BRUNO 9 ½ or 10 – Leslie loves to rescue dogs. See him on Instagram.


Did you know Leslie loves to design (architecture). We think she should design pickleball courts and pickleball restaurants.

Leslie says, "One of the benefits of personal training is the ability to provide more of a prescriptive approach." Reach out to Leslie for virtual services, no matter what your pickleball skill level, or goals may be.



Instagram                             Bulletproof_Your_Body

Website coming        

Leslie's GIFT TO YOU

Be sure to email us at for access to Leslie's Warm-Up Video.


Interested in The Kitchen?

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Learn More About Zane and Pro Pickleball Team BLQK

ZANE NAVRATIL, Major League Pickleball Player, rated at 6.590 DOUBLES DUPR and is a part of TEAM BLQK. Follow Zane on Instagram

Other BLQK Team Members on Major League Pickleball Players  

  • Paris Todd, DBL DUPER 5.770 (follow on Instagram click here)
  • Irina Tereschenko, DBL DUPR 5.730 (follow on Instagram click here)
  • Rafa Hewett, DBL DUPER 6.390 (follow on Instagram click here)

Bubly Tournament Information: (be sure to watch us LIVE on FACEBOOK in VEGAS - BABY)

Live coverage on Tennis Channel and ABC for the world’s best pickleball players (24 of the worlds top pro’s) will battle for a title and big stakes ($175,000 prize money) Friday, Dec. 16 – Sunday, Dec. 18 in the 2022 Bubly Team Championships Presented by MGM Rewards, a one-of-a-kind pickleball event at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s Convention Center.    

Four world-class teams will begin competition Friday, Dec. 16, followed by the semifinals on the evening of Saturday, Dec. 17 on Tennis Channel. The finals will be held Sunday, Dec. 18 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on ABC.

Tickets for the weekend’s festivities are now on sale. To purchase tickets, visit the event website at

Top pickleball pros we spoke about in our first podcast will be there:     

  • Anna Leigh Waters        
  • Ben Johns       
  • Catherine Parenteau
  • Riley Newman

And, of course, the Pickleball CHIX will be among 1,000 amateur players are expected to take to the courts while pickleball festival activities will run concurrently during each day’s competition.

We will be following Leslie's steps, setting up our virtual appointments, and bringing our rollers to VEGAS!

Here is the format for the CHIX in VEGAS


This is an indoor event and will be played on a concrete surface using dedicated pickleroll courts and C&D nets


Double Elimination with no come around (i.e.if a team loses a match the best they can do is bronze. They cannot come around to win the gold).

* 5 team minimum for under 70 events. Events will be combined if less than 5 teams. 70+ events will be combined by age. Under 70 will be combined by skill. 

* Main Draw: Matches consist of a best of 3 game format with each game to 11, win by 2 points.

* Consolation: Each match consists of one game to 15, win by two points except for the final match which determines 3rd place.

* Round Robin for divisions of 5 teams (doubles only, singles 5 player divisions play Double Elimination), 4 teams, and 3 teams for 70+ only. Winners will be determined by matches won, head to head, and point differential.

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