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Bridging the Digital Divide: Making Technology Accessible for All
Episode 5430th January 2024 • IMPACTability: The Nonprofit Leaders' Podcast • Soukup Strategic Solutions
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In this episode, Dave Tinker discusses the importance of accessibility in fundraising. He shares his personal connection to the disability community and explains why making the world more inclusive is his passion. Dave provides practical tips for interacting with constituents with disabilities and highlights the curb cut effect in fundraising. He also discusses the importance of incorporating accessibility features on websites and social media platforms. Dave emphasizes the ethical and strategic importance of accessibility, and encourages organizations to stand out by prioritizing accessibility in their communications. He concludes by providing his contact information for further discussion.


  • Incorporating accessibility in fundraising is important to ensure inclusivity for all potential donors.
  • Interacting with constituents with disabilities should be done in a way that is accessible and accommodating.
  • Websites and donation pages should include accessibility features such as alt tags and high contrast colors.
  • Direct mail should also consider accessibility through large fonts and clear layouts.
  • Tracking data, on donors with accessibility needs, can help organizations better understand and serve this audience.
  • Building websites and communications with accessibility in mind is both ethical and strategic.
  • There are various tools and resources available to help organizations improve website accessibility.

Guest Bio

Dave is Vice President of Advancement at Achieva and a consultant with GoalBusters Consulting. In these roles he raises funds and helps nonprofits with their communications. He was also an adjunct professor of informatics at Muskingum University for over a decade. 

A certified Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Master Trainer, Dave received the Outstanding Fund Raising Executive Award from the AFP Western PA chapter in 2013. In October 2016, he was honored by AFP International as one of six in the inaugural class of Distinguished Fellows. Dave has published numerous articles in professional journals and has written fundraising curriculum for The Fund Raising School® at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

Dave is a past president of the AFP Western PA chapter and has served in many volunteer roles for AFP International and his own chapter. 

In addition to AFP, Dave has served as a member of the Ethics Committee for the Grant Professionals Association where is also an approved trainer. 

Dave received a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and English and a Master of Information Strategy, Systems and Technology from Muskingum University. He is also a graduate of Leadership Works - Indianapolis, Class III and the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware, Class 44.


02:03 Dave's Passion for Accessibility in Fundraising

03:26 Incorporating Accessibility in Daily Interactions

04:53 The Curb Cut Effect in Fundraising

05:56 Interacting with Constituents with Disabilities

06:04 Technological Considerations for Website Donation Pages

07:36 Using Alt Tags on Social Media Platforms

08:32 The Future of Accessibility in Fundraising

10:45 Tips for Creating Accessible Websites and Donation Pages

12:56 Considerations for Direct Mail Accessibility

17:37 Tracking Data on Donors with Accessibility Needs

19:21 Accessibility in Offering Materials

20:58 Building Websites and Communications with Accessibility in Mind

21:07 Tools and Resources for Website Accessibility

23:27 The Ethical and Strategic Importance of Accessibility

24:10 Conclusion and Contact Information

25:00 Coaches Corner: “What are the Best Practices for Crafting an Impactful Annual Report?” 


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