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We Are So Much More Than Our Trauma with Angela Legh
Episode 4527th September 2021 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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In this week's' episode, Stacy and Sam talk with Angela Legh about healing childhood trauma.

Angela grew up in San Francisco, CA. She had an alcoholic father and an angelic mother, who both had a profound impact on her life. Her father taught her that the behaviors of others made her a powerless victim and her mother taught her to be loving to everyone; including those who hurt you. 

At 6 years old, Angela’s family home was destroyed by a fire. Angela then grew up to marry an emotionally abusive man, which she stayed with for 32 years because she didn’t want to hurt him, and didn’t have the internal strength to leave. The night of the Tubbs Wildfire in Northern California in 2017 was a catalyst for her personal growth, when her house was reduced to ash. When everything in her life was gone, Angela was forced to examine her relationship. She realized it was toxic and it was not going to get better, so she made the decision to leave.

Angela is now an author and self-development mentor. She is best known for her joyous approach to life. Her children's book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, has received high praise and is known for helping children learn how to manage their emotions. Her online course, entitled Live! Love! Laugh! connects adults with curiosity, wonder, and playfulness. 

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