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Pamela Brooks-Richards on how judgment informs strategic decision-making (Ep. 110)
Episode 11015th September 2022 • Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper • Denise Cooper
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Do you know your own process for decision-making? ?

Do you know how judgment shows up in your thought process? Judgment is human, we don't (yet) live in an AI world, where all decisions are powered by data and statistics. Instead, we're synthesizing information ourselves, often through the lenses of emotion, bias, and past experiences.

When you're coming up with solutions to a challenge - do you go with the first solution you come up with? Or do you tend to brainstorm and weigh multiple options? This is an example of practical decision-making strategies.

If you're wondering how to positively understand and leverage the judgments you make in strategic decision-making, this is the episode for you.


  1. What role does judgment play in our decision-making at work? [3:30]
  2. System bias, people bias, and processing bias all play a role in our decision-making. What does that mean? [9:50]
  3. When you're a leader, every suggestion you make is going to be picked up by someone in the room as an action item. How do you set clear expectations with your team to avoid unintended workflows?[14:22]
  4. If I'm a leader and I want to understand anything from succession planning, hiring, risk assessments, etc - how do I get better at this? [22:00]


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Pam is known for her passion for people and facilitating positive change for anyone in need with an open mind.  She enjoys being an executive coach and helping people discover their strengths to make life transformations. Pam has helped design and run several leadership programs at ASU and continues to help organizations with executive staffing and team building.  She appreciates her many opportunities to work with others and being a part of their discovery process, including running Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ program as a Certified Facilitator and running Conversational Intelligence™ by Judith Glaser.

Pam's passion for performance grew throughout her athletic career and playing volleyball for the University of Washington.  She studied organizational and interpersonal development in her first masters and counseling in her second.   She uses her assessment tools and understanding of people to create workshops and experiences that can create transformational performance breakthroughs for both individuals and teams. She loves all the work coming out of neuroscience today and what actually leads to better performers and what helps us enjoy life to the fullest.

 She has presented to large groups, such as the Philip 66 – International Conference and Baxter Asia Pacific's International Strategic Thinking Workshop in Shanghai. She has facilitated large groups in Dare to Lead ™ and been a part of the smaller conferences such as BADD, 101 Black Women's Coalition, and ASU's Commission on the Status of Women and is a Master SPARK facilitator for ASU.

In her spare time, she loves to riding her bike, hiking, sailing and even playing a bit of golf now with her husband.