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Social Media Marketing in Accounting: Tyler Clark
Episode 107th September 2022 • Talent in Accounting • Rob Brown
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Episode 10. In today's interview, "Social Media Marketing in Accounting: Tyler Clark."

Tyler S. Clark is the Co-Founder of Dream Firms, leader of the Proactive Accountants Community on Facebook, and the host of Dream Firms Spotlight on youtube. After having successfully built an accounting firm from scratch, adding six figures of new growth each year with cutting edge digital marketing and ethical sales techniques before a successful exit, he is now recognized as the go-to expert for top tier strategic guidance and actionable advice for accounting professionals who are dedicated to building their dream firms.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

➜ how the covid pandemic has affected accounting practices in both good and bad ways

➜ the two sided coin that is 'disruption' and how the best accounting firms use it to their advantage

➜ the two critical aspects of a 'dream client' for anyone' and especially accountants

➜ why social media should be viewed as internet 2.0 by accountants and marketing professionals

➜ cutting through the marketing noise for accountants with genuinely useful content for business clients

➜ advice for accountants who have fears or roadblocks about participating in social media marketing

➜ how marketing has changed and traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective for accountants

➜ the swing back and forth with digital and analogue (in person or old fashioned) marketing for accounting firms

➜ the problem for accountants and CPAs in getting too focused on the metrics of social media marketing

➜ first steps for bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs to make social media marketing work

➜ the role of outsourced marketing for accountants and how they can decide whether to bring in outside marketing support

➜ deciding whether to be on multiple platforms at the same time or choose one for accounting firm social media marketing

➜ what good content looks like for social media marketing in accountancy practices, and what NOT to do

➜ what accounting firm leaders and marketers should look for in their employees to boost their social media results

➜ Tyler's 3 top tips for effective social media marketing in accounting

Listeners can also check out this interview in video format:

When not working, you can find Tyler and his wife Marine nestled in heart of the French Alps alongside their Chowchow, Tea.

You can listen to or watch Tyler's previous interview on the show here:

"Stand Out Marketing for Accountants: Tyler Clark"

Connect with Tyler here:


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