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What it took to build a successful startup with CloudHealth Technology's Joe Kinsella
Episode 2130th September 2021 • Authentically Successful • Carol Schultz
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In this episode, your host Carol Schultz speaks with CloudHealth Technology's Co-founder & CTO, Joe Kinsella about cloud management solutions, deciding to IPO or be acquired, the difficulties of hypergrowth, knowing where to invest and scale, starting with a big market and 'telescoping' your way down into a niche, and honing your target market.

CloudHealth had a pure commitment to being a talent-centric organization and they hit the mark! Joe, to this day, is an extraordinary human being and an authentic leader.

You can find Joe at and CloudHeath Technology by VMWare at

You can find more information and all episodes at and you can find Carol on Twitter @carolbschultz.