The Jewish community helped Shlomo give his Beijing House a feeling of home
Episode 3229th July 2022 • EXPAT CONSULTING PODCAST • Jalila Clarke
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When Shlomo, an online marketing manager for a company that helps students, moved to Beijing, he was looking for a sense of community and familiarity. He found that in the Jewish community, which helped him give his Beijing House a feeling of home. The close-knit community offered him a support system, something that he was missing after leaving his family and friends behind in Israel.

An internship program and learn Chinese program brought Shlomo from Israel to Beijing, Shlomo eventually became more involved in the entrepreneurship community in Beijing, led a meetup group with monthly events and weekly events of entrepreneurship, and built a company that helped foreign apps distribute into the Chinese market. Listen to Episode 32 of the Are we home yet? podcast, to hear how Shlomo created a business in Beijing China, became a financial coach, and how Israel means home to him.

As an expat, Shlomo mentioned that figuring out how to get utilities turned on for a Beijing residence can be a struggle of being an expat. In Beijing, the apartment complexes are typically served by a central utility system that provides electricity, water, and other services to the residents. The utility system is usually managed by the property management company that oversees the complex. As a result, residents generally don't have to worry about paying for utilities individually. 

A feeling of home

There's more than just utilities that goes into giving a place a feeling of home. For most people, home is a place of comfort and security. It's a refuge from the outside world, a place where we can relax and be ourselves. But for some, home is a more complicated concept. For them, home isn't necessarily a physical place. Instead, it's a state of mind, an emotional space that we carry with us wherever we go.

Take, for example, someone who grows up in multiple countries. They might not have one specific place that they call home. Instead, a feeling of home for some is wherever their family is. Or consider someone who has to move constantly for their job. For them, a feeling of home might be wherever they happen to be living at the moment. In both cases, a feeling of home is less about a physical location and more about a feeling of safety and belonging.

So what does it mean to have a feeling of home? For Shlomo, it's about feeling like he belongs, like he's part of a community, and that home is in Israel, no matter where he goes with his family to live, several months out of the year.

Financial Coach jobs

Shlomo is a financial coach and going to be giving a speech at a digital nomad conference in Bulgaria and is eager for his family to join him.

Website flipping

Website flipping is a great way to make money as a financial coach, which is something that Shlomo also does. There are a few different ways to do this, but the basic idea is to buy low-traffic website for a low price, improve it in some way, and then sell it for a higher price. This can be done by increasing the traffic to the website, improving the content, or adding new features.

The best part of website flipping is that it can be done entirely online! So if you're looking for a way to make money as a financial coach, website flipping is definitely worth considering.

If you want to know more insider knowledge about life in Beijing, being a financial coach, website flipping, tune in to episode 32 of the Are We Home Yet podcast and hear more from Shlomo!

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