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The Kiss on Deep Space 9
Episode 21st January 2021 • Queernundrum Podcast • Holly Greystone and Gary Thoren
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Welcome to Queernundrum, where we explore everything queer in order to learn more about our queer community. What is queer? everything LGBTQAI+ We will take our questions and yours, together we will discover the history of our community from: Hollywood to civil rights and everything in between.

As we begin to explore the queernundrums of the queer community we start with Star Trek. (What better way to get to know us!) Q: What was Star Trek Thinking when they explored queer topics. In today's episode we continue the conversation with a kiss, not just any kiss, but the kiss on Deep Space 9, in an episode called “Rejoined”, season 4 episode 5 where Jadzia Dax and Lenara Khan share a kiss and a pass.

If you want to share your stories or questions please email us, that is a Queer Nun with a Drum dot com.

Intro music by Jahzzar “Please Listen Carefully” "Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA" and Outro music by Scott Holmes “Acoustic Indie Folk” @ Queer Qorner intro Sunrise remix by Scanglobe @

Editor: H. Greystone via FinalCut Pro

Writer: G. Thoren

Executive Producer: D. Greystone