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The Secrets To An Over-40 Transformation
Episode 15828th September 2021 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Andy was over 40, overweight, addicted to the scales (sometimes weighing more than once per day), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and going back to keto over and over again with no results to show.

But … that’s not Andy anymore! I don’t want to steal his thunder. You'll just have to listen to his incredible story. 

We talk about … 

  • Why he wasn’t getting results working out 6 days per week.
  • What he tried in the past and why he *thought* it worked.
  • How he overcame the all-or-nothing mentality.
  • The power of trusting the process.
  • What he does on vacation to make sure he doesn’t regain a ton of weight.

The insights and wisdom Andy shares will be helpful for ANYONE and everyone, but … if you’re a man who’s fighting that all-or-nothing mentality … and you’re struggling to lose weight … and you just can’t seem to get it together and get things going … I think you’re going to love this episode and really benefit.