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How To Diffuse Toxicity, Part 1
Episode 14313th June 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In This Episode, Mark and Joey discuss how to defuse toxicity in relationships. They address the importance of open communication, the presence of disagreements, and the need to address toxic behaviors. They emphasize the significance of mindset, owning one's emotions, and staying empowered in difficult conversations.

Episode Summary:

  • Intro to the episode. 0:03
  • Welcome to the next level of Empowered Man 2.0.
  • Check in with the collective.
  • How to deal with toxicity. 2:01
  • How to defuse toxicity in a marriage.
  • How to open up in prayer.
  • The little foxes spoil the vine. 3:40
  • The little foxes that spoil the vine.
  • Why men are afraid of their wives.
  • The hard conversations never stop. 5:22
  • Avoiding the hard conversations to avoid conflict.
  • The hard conversations never stop.
  • How to deal with disagreements. 7:00
  • The tipping point is accepting disagreements.
  • The number one thing in the chat.
  • Resentment creates resentment over time.
  • Toxic communication, stonewalling and gaslighting.
  • The mindset is everything to me. 11:00
  • Mindset is everything to me.
  • Being present in the moment, being present.
  • This is what I do now. 12:45
  • Owning her emotions instead of owning your own.
  • Every man wants to be exposed.
  • Athlete’s stance. 14:28
  • Getting an athletic stance.
  • The last time he yelled at his ex-wife.
  • You have permission to ask for healthy space. 16:05
  • Friction met with friction.
  • Manipulation is an unhealthy way of getting healthy needs met.
  • How to check your ego? 18:38
  • Ego at the end of the day.
  • True love is not controlling, but freedom.
  • You are the problem, not her.

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