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Episode 42: A Discussion on the BA.2 Variant
Episode 4228th February 2022 • COVID-19: Public Health, Policy, and Culture • Dr. April Moreno
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In this episode, we discuss the new BA.2 variant, a sublineage of Omicron (aka BA.1). How does BA.2 differ from BA.1/Omicron, and from Delta for that matter?

We share news and information from the US, Denmark, Japan, South Africa, as well as the World Health Organization about this new variant and why some people feel hopeful - despite the continued illness and positive cases we are seeing worldwide.

We also discuss why COVID continues to be a concern for the immunocompromised and why protections can still be crucial.


NPR: "More Contagious Version of Omicron Spreads in US, Fueling Worries"

Nature: "Had Omicron? You're Unlikely to Catch its Rising Variant"

Deseret News: "New Omicron Subvariant Has New COVID Symptoms" Virological Characteristics of SARS COV2 BA.2 Variant

Reuters: Omicron BA.2 Subvariant More Infectious but No More Severe - Africa CDC

UN: Omicron Sublineage BA.2 Remains a Variant of Concern

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