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In space, no one can hear you scream.

Thankfully though, they can hear a podcast. I think.

Comparisons to Jaws aside, Alien remains one of the seminal science fiction horror movies of all time, generating fear through its H.R. Giger designed sets and creature work, and the copious amounts of sexual and phallic imagery denoting the ultimate in terror - the fear of sexual violence, specifically male rape.

With a character roster that was cast without gender prejudice came one of cinema's greatest ever heroes - Ellen Ripley. A character who loses none of her strength or femininity, in a cinematic landscape where women were portrayed as only being one or the other. Sigourney Weaver cemented herself as an icon, and the Xenomorph cemented itself as willing to do whatever it takes to get off this planet and breed.

From egg, to facehugger, to chestburster and then fully-grown Xenomorph, is there any cinematic creature so revered, fascinating or iconic than this perfect organism?

If we've learned anything, it's to go into quarantine when you need to. It keeps everyone safe! And always listen to the smart woman with the cat.... ;-)

Speaking of cats, yes Jess is in this episode. Unlike Jonesy though, she does not perform on cue.....

Special thanks to friends and excellent human beings over at The Rewind Movie Podcast @rewindmoviecast, for allowing use of their specially made cover art for Alien for this episode of Verbal Diorama.

Art is by Devlin

Listen to The Rewind Movie Podcast's Alien episode, and their entire Alien Quadrilogy series.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Alien!



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