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The Power of Connectivity and Circularity with Eric Aparicio from Yamaha Corporation of America
Episode 83721st February 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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This episode was recorded at the 18th annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the center returns management, reverse logistics, and more.

Host Scott Luton was joined by Eric Aparicio, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at Yamaha Corporation of America, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. Even though reverse logistics is not part of his formal role, Yamaha allows team members the flexibility to invest time in things that are of interest to them – and for Eric that is circularity and reusing products.

Eric shares his perspective on:

• How the pandemic affected the labor force and downstream production

• The significant and unsustainable costs associated with poor management of returns

• The value that exists in returned goods if companies can find the right way to repurpose them

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