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Sword Swallowing, Fire Eating and the History of Lipstick with Ilise Carter
Episode 8630th March 2022 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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Let me tell you a little bit about our guest today! Ilise Carter is an award-winning sideshow performer  - yeah - you heard me right - she a sword swallower, fire eater, blockhead and pain-proof girl who has worked with Rob Zombie, Cirque du Soleil, and appeared on Gossip Girl, Oddities, The President Show, Mysteries at the Museum, and she also has a degree in American Studies from Barnard and she recently wrote a book about the history of lipstick.

Yes. Lipstick, something small enough to fit in your front pocket does indeed have a storied history. Lipstick has evolved from a beauty secret for a select few to a required essential for well turned-out women but also a mark of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion and a political statement. Tune in to listen to this fascinating conversation that stretches from sideshow freaks to cover models. 

Drink of the Week: Liquid Sword

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