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Episode 592nd June 2022 • The Catherine B. Roy Show • Catherine B. Roy
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The Empress of Trade Marks

Meet Céleste the soul behind GRAND IPR®️

GRAND IPR®️ is led by Céleste, a fully-trained Master of Law specializing in brand & content protection, copyrights, and trademarks. Her mission is to help or inspire you to understand and appreciate the importance of protecting your business's intellectual property rights, content, and thus your livelihood. With less worrying about your brand comes more time to spend staying in your zone of genius, on growing your business… and more profits!

She has been fascinated by the law since an early age, and for good reason: her maternal grandfather founded his own legal empire, practicing under the name of Reumert & Partnere, later known as Kroman Reumert.

Later in her life, after failing to find the same sense of zealousness and duty in other career paths, she found herself again drawn to the law, completing a Masters Degree in Law (LLM) at the University of Copenhagen. After more than three years with the Artists Legal Aid in Copenhagen, I felt called to found GRAND IPR®️.

Today, her vision, commitment, and expertise combine to help small-to-medium sized (Aka Scale-ups) businesses feel confident when it comes to trade marking their brand and content, empowering them to feel peace of mind and true protection.

She helps ambitious innovative, creatives, coaches & entrepreneurs protect their concepts, programs & branded IDs (aka Intellectual Property) so they can rest assured that no one can steal it. She is nicknamed The Empress of Trade Marks.


  1. How to choose a unique brand name
  2. What makes Trade Mark a great one
  3. Why is Trade Mark registration so important
  4. What do signs like R in the circle, C in the circle, TM, or SM mean?

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