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351: Announcing the Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning
13th October 2023 • The TopCast: The Official Music Teachers' Podcast • Tim Topham
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We're delving into the complex world of planning an effective intermediate music curriculum. With the freedom to choose teaching methods, repertoire, and goals, music teachers wield significant influence over their students' musical journeys. However, this autonomy comes with great responsibility as the decisions made during the intermediate stage can profoundly impact whether students continue their musical education or quit prematurely. In today's show, I'm going to introduce the "Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning," a comprehensive and free resource designed to assist teachers in crafting a clear path for their intermediate-level students. Listen in as this episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of guiding students through this critical phase of musical development.
  • The freedom music teachers have in choosing how and what they teach.
  • Student retention, musical diversity, and long-term commitment.
  • The intermediate stage as a critical and challenging period for both students and teachers.
  • Essential skills students should possess when transitioning from elementary to intermediate levels.
  • Importance of choosing high-quality method books to guide students through the early stages.
  • Tim encourages assigning multiple pieces to elementary students to maintain their interest and progression.
  • The three-step intermediate planning process, yearly and monthly student goal trackers, and the role of sequenced repertoire selection.

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Download the Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning Handout

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