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Stop Being The Last One On Your List Moms with Tiffiny Roper
Episode 10121st November 2022 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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Moms usually make themselves last, and sometimes take off themselves from their to-do list. How can you give your kids your all, if you don’t have the energy, if you always make yourself last? Moms, it is taking off your sunshine - so STOP IT, have time with yourself and include your self-care in your list! We need a whole generation of women that are leading and not shining away from their life.

Our guest, Tiffiny Roper believes that moms are the beacon of light in the family. She wants them to shine so bright that everybody around them has to start wearing sunglasses. Tiffany is helping women become the best of themselves, live with fulfilment and joy to be a sunshine to everybody - inspiring their kids, their family and the community.

“We're such nurturers (moms) that we care, we give, we serve, but you know, you can't give from a cup that is completely empty. So you have to give what you want to your kids to yourself first. “ - Tiffiny Roper

About the Guest:

Tiffiny Roper is a Coach for Moms of young girls focused on reaching their goals and becoming the best Moms they can be, so they can be amazing role models for their daughters and help create the female leaders of tomorrow the world desperately needs.  She’s also a speaker and best-selling author in a book with other Top Coaches called “Coaching Inc”.  She has 20 Years of Project Management experience and uses these skills to help Moms stay accountable and hit their goals.  She loves creating memories with her young twin daughters, including coaching their softball team.  

You can reach Tiffiny at : 

Join her Facebook group for Girl Moms at Facebook.

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