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Debating and Queerbaiting
Episode 65th January 2021 • The Lipsticks Podcast • The Lipsticks Podcast
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In this episode of The Lipsticks Podcast, the girls welcome in the new year by getting down to the nitty gritty of...queerbaiting.

Queerbaiting is essentially a marketing technique which creators use to hint at but then do not represent a queer romance, in order to appeal to an LGBTQ+ audience. Here we give our two cents on the subject.

We then discuss the Netflix hit show Bridgerton which has recently come under fire for it’s queer-baiting and explain why this is a bad move. Spoiler alert! The only gay action you’ll see in this series, is in the trailer.

If you haven’t gotten flustered with excitement already, then hold onto your hats, because our Gay Glossary gets to house a new word this week AND one of your hosts has actually been described as this word…

We also shout about a wonderful, talented gay poet in this weeks spotlight section, to stick around to the end to find out who it is and where you can check out their lovely words!

Spoiler alert! This podcast may contact traces of giggling, northern accents, sarcasm and gay references.

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