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Episode 109 – Becoming Jackson Whole with Sara Flitner
Episode 1098th October 2020 • The Jackson Hole Connection • Stephan C. Abrams
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In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Sara Flitner. Sara grew up in Shell, Wyoming, and moved out to Jackson Hole after college in 1990. Since coming to Jackson, Sara has served as the Mayor of Jackson, started a consulting business, and recently formed the non-profit organization Becoming Jackson Whole. Becoming Jackson Whole’s mission is to make mindfulness second nature in Jackson. In this episode, Sara talks about growing up in small-town Wyoming, creating a positive impact, problem-solving strategies and the neuroscience behind connecting with others who may have differing points of view. Stephan and Sara chat about the importance of mindfulness, showing compassion for your fellow members, and community resources offered in Jackson. Sara also provides some tips and best practices on how to train yourself to access mental balance.  Learn more about Becoming Jackson Whole at Find out more about Sara’s consulting business at This week's sponsor is Prugh Real Estate! Prugh Real Estate, creating opportunities for people to live and work in Jackson Hole since 2002. Visit to search current listings.  Want to be a guest on The Jackson Hole Connection? Email us at  Marketing and editing support by Michael Moeri. Music in this episode is provided by Luke Taylor.




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