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How Vulnerability is a Superpower!
Episode 172nd November 2022 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode17: How Vulnerability is a Superpower!


Today's episode is an awesome conversation with my guest Joshua Ludlam, the Exponential Coach and BelongKing.

Always looking for the possibility and the path to connection, he coaches and speaks on how to create powerful partnership, belonging and authentic expression in every area of life. He coaches leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners on how to Become Exponential and when not working, immerses himself in play, fun and self expression.

He is also a TEDx speaker and gave a talk called "Belong Anywhere, Thrive Everywhere" on the Dupree Park stage November 5, 2021. Watch it here.

Today we have a powerful discussion on how vulnerability can be a superpower. Some use it as a tool to manipulate but we talk about how to express our authentic self in a powerful, genuine way instead.

We learn the importance of sitting in discomfort and how being ok with it leads us to a clear direction about who we are meant to be in connection with. It is so freeing to not be scared of sharing your truth with others and asking for what you desire. These conversations can create defining moments in our lives if we are willing to take responsibility for our feelings and actions.

We are faced with choices everyday and the energy in which we share ourselves with others is the most powerful shift we can make. True vulnerability is a superpower. It starts with being vulnerable with ourselves first. When we accept our deepest shadows and struggles, we can love ourselves in a way that bring freedom to everyone we are intimately connected with.

Own your shit! Don't make your partner responsible for your emotions! Invite them in to share in your experience, not to fix it!



If you'd like to see more of Joshua Ludlam, his links are below.

Instagram: @thejoshualudlam

TikTok: thejoshualudlam

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