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The Impact of Branding and Building Innovative Digital Products When Launching your StartUp with Dmytro Grechko | Podcast #22
Episode 228th July 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Dmytro Grechko is a self-taught Entrepreneur & Software Engineer who found his passion & borrowed his inspiration from the constant process of learning and meeting new people, his skills and interests range from emerging technologies and latest market trends to sports and music.

As a Founder and CEO of Deskree & Deskree Studio, he specializes on helping brick and mortar companies, digitalizes their operation and reinvents their business with the latest technologies, his personal goal is to help early-stage startups and entrepreneurs uncover their potential in new unique markets, and connect them with like-minded investors and the right people for the job.

During this interview we cover:

  • After launch CTO for non-tech founders

  • Deskree playbook on founder resource management

  • Assessing the market viability for Startups

  • Trends on innovation and automation solutions for startups

  • The importance of branding design for startups

  • Differences in the investment and startup ecosystem between Canada, Europe, and the US

  • Focusing on the functional features, the problem that the solution aims to solve, and the solution that delivers the maximum value

  • Deskree’s ideal profile of entrepreneurs to work with

  • Dmytro’s top underrated digital tools for SaaS founders

  • Raising a VC fund focused on teaching branding, sales and development

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