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Moon Knight Episode 5: Asylum
Episode 323rd May 2022 • What's Our Verdict Archive • What's Our Verdict
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The hippopotamus-headed woman is the Egyptian goddess Taweret, who explains that Spector and Grant are dead and the "psychiatric hospital" is a boat sailing through the Duat, the Egyptian afterlife. She weighs their hearts on the Scales of Justice to determine whether they can enter the Field of Reeds, but the hearts are imbalanced by hidden memories that she suggests they explore together. Grant sees a memory of Spector's younger brother Randall drowning and Spector's mother blaming him for it, while Spector reveals to Grant how he became Khonshu's avatar while on a mission with his partner Bushman, who murdered Layla's father. Spector and Grant convince Taweret to let them return to the living world to stop Harrow, and she steers the boat towards the Gates of Osiris. Spector reluctantly explains that he unknowingly created Grant as a result of their mother's abuse. Grant and Spector reconcile with each other, but their scales fail to balance and hostile spirits attack them, dragging Grant into the Duat where he turns to sand. The scales balance and Spector finds himself in the Field of Reeds.

JJ dives head first into the lore and depth of story that this episode brings. Special guest host Taylor brings the psychology knowledge again and breaks down the giant therapy session that Steven and Marc get. Alec is just confused and didn't get the answers he wanted. Mattson wonders how it all connects.