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How Better Sleep May Just Save Your Life w/Colin Lawlor
Episode 717th November 2020 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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Sleep is one of the least prioritized parts of our lives, but it’s the most critical function of our health and it affects EVERYTHING. When we were younger, we used to brag about running on very little sleep, but not getting enough rest is no laughing matter. 

Half of the adult population has a problem with sleep. Aging is also a factor, which explains why so many of us have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested.

Sleep isn’t just directly linked to how we look, feel and perform today, it has also been connected to future health conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Lack of sleep affects weight loss significantly, and has been linked to successful outcomes of fitness programs. 

Sleeping destroys our health in major ways, but thankfully there are factors we can influence to improve our sleep.  

How does menopause affect sleep? 

How does that nighttime wine or cocktail affect our sleep?

What sleep disorders should we be concerned about?

 What are the good sleep habits we should be working towards? 

In this episode, I’m joined by the CEO of SleepScore Labs, Colin Lawlor. This pioneering and cutting-edge sleep science company is on a mission to unlock human potential through the power of sleep. Colin shares how our sleep habits show up in other areas of our lives, the biggest factors that influence a good night’s sleep, and how the pandemic has affected how we sleep. 

Colin also gives us the proven strategies and tools available for us to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. A must-listen for anyone who struggles with getting our critical nightly zzzzzzz’s. 

3 Things We Learned From This Episode 

The surprising connection between sleep and your weight loss willpower

The number one predictor of a successful weight loss program is sleep quality. The hormones that regulate appetite are created during sleep. Ever wondered why you crave caffeine and sugar after a long flight? When our bodies are deprived of sleep, they respond by looking for fast energy as a way to get fuel. 

Why women should be aware of sleep apnea and other disorders 

It was always believed that sleep apnea only affected overweight men in their 50s. This led to sleep apnea in women being severely underdiagnosed. If we suspect we have a sleep disorder, we need to see our doctor about it immediately instead of using band aids like sleeping pills which won’t solve the issue.  

How we can use technology to improve our sleep 

We can’t fully observe our sleep because we’re not awake. If you want to improve your sleep, don’t shoot in the dark for solutions or self-medicate to sleep. Understand the baseline by using technology to track how you sleep. Once we understand our sleep baseline, it’s a lot easier to customize a treatment plan. 

Guest Bio 

Colin Lawlor is the CEO of SleepScore Labs. He truly believes that SleepScore could change the world by changing the way we sleep. In fact, as a 10 year veteran in the sleep medical devices industry and someone who understands the impacts of sleep disorders, Lawlor has worked tirelessly to advance the science around sleep improvement.

During his tenure at ResMed, BiancaMed, Bio-Medical Research Ltd, and now as the leader of SleepScore Labs, Colin has focused on how technology can help people learn about, understand, and improve their lives through sleep. 

Colin has been instrumental in leading the vision to make SleepScore Labs the most trusted name in sleep by launching the world’s most accurate sleep app and bringing expertly tested and scored sleep products to consumers through the SleepScore Store. Originally from Ireland and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Colin is keenly aware that while a pint of Guinness may be “good for you,” having one too many will definitely impact your sleep.


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