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Trailer11th April 2024 • Skillabration Podcast • Nikki Lubing
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Nikki Lubing, host of the Skillabration Podcast, is an educator and entrepreneur with a vision to teach real-world skills to the youth of today. Skillbration is an online school that helps students ages 8-18 take their world language skills from zero to fuego, preparing them for success as they advance their education. In the trailer episode, learn more about why Nikki is starting the Skillabration Podcast.  She discusses how learning Spanish as a second language led her to developing not only the skill of bilingualism, but also financial literacy, decision-making and communication skills. The Skillabration Podcast is expanding our typical skill repertoire by interviewing guests from a variety of backgrounds. You’ll hear from educators, entrepreneurs, and blue collar professionals just to name a few. Our aim is to provide an avenue for the youth to get exposure to skills they may not otherwise learn or hear about in their day-to-day life. Get on our email list! We’d love to hear your suggestions for the podcast. Sign up for classes with our teachers here: Connect with us on socials:



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