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435. How to Avoid Gossip + Set Nonverbal Boundaries with Nedra Tawwab
Episode 43515th June 2021 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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In this episode, Nedra Tawwab lays the groundwork for implementing and integrating boundaries for yourself and your community. 

K + L get to the root of self-abandoning habits – often programmed into us in childhood through normalized parental behaviors – which can be detrimental to our ability to listen to our internal knowing. Plus, Nedra advises on how to self-advocate for what feels safe and right for you and dives into the ways we communicate with each other from face to face, to social media, to behind each other’s backs. 

We also talk about:

  • Setting boundaries and dealing with reactions
  • Non-verbal boundaries and checking in with yourself
  • Being vocal about your preferences 
  • Things that aren’t helpful to hear 
  • Expressing emotions 
  • Social media boundaries and public perceptions 
  • Gossip and how to redirect your energy 
  • Selfcare and how Nedra takes care of herself

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