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TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants - Richard Tubb EPISODE 77, 21st June 2020
[77] How to Grow an MSP With Partner to Partner Collaboration
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[77] How to Grow an MSP With Partner to Partner Collaboration

In this episode, Richard talks to Eamon Moore, who has built and sold an MSP business, set up a business intelligence company, won Microsoft’s Partner of the Year award, and serves as an advisory council member for Digital Business Ireland. 

They talk about how Eamon set up EMIT straight after university, his early experiences in the industry and how being flexible enabled him to partner successfully with Microsoft and Dell. 

They also discuss the power of partnerships and collaboration, how and why MSPs should approach others in their industry, and how to work with another MSP on cloud-based projects. Eamon also tells Richard about his plan to bring artificial intelligence machine learning to the music industry. 

You can find out more about EMIT here: www.emitsolutions.ie and Hikari Digital Solutions here: www.hikari.ie. To get in touch with Eamon directly, search for him on LinkedIn or on Twitter: @EamonMoore – he’s often on social media.