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How to Write Your Divorce Story with Dr. Stephanie Han
Episode 424th June 2022 • Scarlet Society • Scarlet Society
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Divorce is perhaps one of the most traumatic events in a woman’s life. Even the so-called “peaceful divorce” comes with a different type of anguish for most women. How can you best navigate your separation and set you up for a more empowered future? There is one simple act that can help. And that’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. Today’s guest is Dr. Stephanie Han, writer, and motivational speaker. Dr. Han teaches women’s creative writing workshops at She believes that writing your divorce story can be transformative.

Dr. Han says, “Divorce burned my life to the ground. Writing my divorce story helped me to understand why. Writing my story changed my life because I came to see that my divorce was an act of bravery, not shame. I came to see that I deserved to be treated with dignity, not scorn and that my life was my own to live.”

Join us today as we talk about how writing your divorce story can help you close a chapter in your life, heal, and look forward to a new chapter.

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“Writing is a way we heal, and writing is a way that we let our voices and the events of our lives come to pass in the public eye.” - Dr. Stephanie Han


In This Episode:

0:00 Meet Dr. Stephanie Han. Woman. Warrior. Writer.

6:41 Dr. Han talks about why she wrote her divorce story and the thoughts that came to mind as she was going through the process.

8:48 What would you advise someone who finds writing or journaling daunting?

13:41 A simple structure you can follow when writing your story 

22:05 How just pouring your heart out and writing everything down can be liberating. 

27:13 Dr. Han shares some personal details and emotions associated with her divorce story.

30:53 Finding hope as you navigate your divorce journey

35:11 Should you show your divorce story to a friend before showing it to your divorce lawyer?

38:49 How to find support for women who may be going through the divorce process


How to Write Your Divorce Story by Dr. Stephanie Han

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