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286: Does Everyone with Endometriosis Need Surgery?
Episode 2861st May 2023 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Katie Edmonds is a Nutritional Therapist, Paleo Autoimmune Certified Coach, creator of the popular blog Heal Endo, and author of the 4-Week Endometriosis Diet Plan and Heal Endo: An Anti-inflammatory Approach to Healing from Endometriosis. After putting her endometriosis into remission, something she never knew was possible, Katie has developed education and offerings around a research-backed diet and lifestyle shown to help heal the chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction that those with endometriosis experience.

In this episode, Katie and I talk about her experience of “unraveling by endo,” how she put her endometriosis into complete clinical remission, why endo is so misunderstood, why surgery isn’t a viable option for most people with endo, how you can start to support your immune system and improve your symptoms, and so much more!

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