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Learning to Fulfill an Unmet Need, with Liz Picarazzi
16th February 2016 • Hack the Entrepreneur • Jon Nastor
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My guest today is a former marketer for American Express, an advocate for elevating the stature of trades people, and a brilliant entrepreneur.

Five short years ago, my guest spent six hours a day sitting in meetings. She worked for American creating their customer loyalty programs.

Today, she is the founder and CEO of Checklist Home Services, CitiBin, and Reclaim-A-Space.

Each of these companies works hand-in-hand with each other and works to deepen their relationship with her customers.

Now, let s hack …

Liz Picarazzi.

In this 37-minute episode Liz Picarazzi and I discuss:

  • Knowing what makes you happy
  • Working with your heart, hands, and head
  • Meeting unmet needs (and creating a business around those needs)
  • The value of being an entrepreneur and a marketer
  • Developing a muscle to find flow

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