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🥳 Introducing DreamMoney™
Episode 1919th July 2023 • TBD • Megan Hale
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Hey, hey, y'all!

Today is a VERY special episode because I'm sharing my new signature framework name for the very first time and I cannot wait to move this baby out in the world!

In this episode, we're diving into 6 key considerations (of several) that make a strong brand name:

  • Names that create an instant resonance (like ohhhh, yes! I want this!)
  • Names that create an instant curiosity (like yess! Tell me more!)
  • Names that are part of your dream client's long-term vision (your brand name is part of where they want to ultimately go) 
  • Names that also have a clear opposite (tune into the episode for this one, for sure!)
  • Names that are clear vs catchy (although a name that does both is #GOALS)
  • Names that are very close to how you normally speak (this ensures its a name that doesn't feel forced or like "fetch" in Mean Girls - IYKYK 😉)

Obviously, this is a big undertaking, which is why naming things is no walk in the park!

This is also why it's so incredibly meaningful for me to share this brand new signature framework name with you today!

I can't wait to hear how it lands. Come celebrate with me on IG!! 🥳

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