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Lee Reflects on 150 Episodes!
Episode 1508th August 2022 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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For our 150th show, Lee answers questions and reflects on Season 1 of Impact the World. If you are interested in a behind the scenes look at his podcast, you'll love this special episode.


  • 02:16 - Why did you decide to to the podcast?
  • 05:52 - Do you have a favorite moment from Season 1?
  • 08:22 - How do you prepare for the interviews?
  • 11:51 - Who are your dream guests?
  • 14:32 - Has doing the podcast changed you in any way? 
  • 18:13 - How did the show change because of the pandemic/lock down?
  • 19:41 - What do you hope your audience takes away?
  • 22:05 - What matters most when curating your guests and the show?
  • 25:48 - Any sneak peeks inside Season 2?

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