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Leadership Is Changing - Denis Gianoutsos. EPISODE 136, 23rd April 2021
136: Ask Denis – How Can One Rely on Leaders Who Don’t Follow Up?
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136: Ask Denis – How Can One Rely on Leaders Who Don’t Follow Up?

As Leaders, it is our responsibility to lead, keep ourselves and our team accountable, listen, and give our people a voice. But if we aren’t doing our part, are we really supposed to be called leaders? Whom will our people rely on if we’re not there for them? Who will guide and help them?

So, leaders, let’s go out there and do our part. Let’s be leaders that people can put their trust and rely on. Let’s be leaders that will be there for every step of our team’s journey.


On this episode:

  • Denis discusses the roles that leaders must play.
  • Encountering new and hard questions to answer? Listen to Denis’s tips on how to handle such situations.
  • Denis emphasizes that as team members, it is also your role to keep your leaders accountable.
  • Denis talks about the qualities a leader must possess.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can’t answer a question, be direct and tell people that you’ll get back to them once you find out. Be sure to follow through with your words with actions.
  • Don’t let leaders get away with just “making up” answers or not getting back at you to answer your questions. 
  • Hold your leaders accountable!
  • Work toward being the leader that you should be. A leader that your organization deserves to have.
  • Be a REAL Leader– Be Realistic. Be an Example. Be Authentic. Lead from the front.


Tweetable Quotes:

“People are looking to leaders for vision, guidance, strategy, growth, strength/being a rock.” – Denis Gianoutsos



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