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#232: Innovation in China with Lagardère Travel Retail (Short Summary Show)
Episode 2327th June 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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The global Covid crisis challenged many businesses to the brink of survival, especially in the travel industry. 

Across airlines, hotels, hospitality and duty free, with global travel volumes almost non-existent, these travel companies were challenged to innovate in ways they may never have imagined before.   

Lagardère Travel Retail saw the pandemic as an incredible opportunity to create compelling new channel with their customers, creating an entirely new sales and marketing approach that their customers loved! 

In this short episode, we summarise what we learned from Chief Executive Officer Eudes Farbe, and Chief Information Officer, Adam McCarthy to understand their unique, world-class solution in the absence of duty free customers in their airports across China. 

Listen to learn how Lagardère created such significant value using their loyalty program and leveraged China's unique digital eco-system to achieve a profitable new route to market that has proven to be pandemic-proof. 

Show Notes:

  1. Lagardère Travel Retail
  2. Eudes Farbe
  3. Adam McCarthy





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