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Desperately Seeking: MedDev Human Factors Use Error Classification System (ft. Bert Boquet)
Episode 822nd March 2024 • Safe and Effective • Human Factors Cast
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Join us in our latest episode of Safe and Effective, where we welcome back our good friend Dr. Albert Boquet to talk about using an existing framework, such as HFACS, to develop a unified use error classification system and database to add as a tool to the human factors engineering process in the medical device and combination product (development) industry.

In our discussion we shed light on the nuances between not only use errors and their identification and classification, but also how such is a data driven system that requires building on. We get into the complexities of how humans are not engineered, but instead bio-psycho-social systems, and how therefore, their behaviors and actions can not be evaluated using methods and thinking originally derived and intended for engineered systems. We end our discussion with exploring the idea of implementing such a use error classification system, where to start, and how ultimately it could enable an elevated capacity of prioritization and mitigation of risks associated with such and increase device safety and effectiveness overall.

Additionally, we provide a sneak preview of what all we have in store for you during the upcoming Safe and Effective Instagram Live events streamed directly from the HFES 2024 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care in Chicago, Illinois, from March 24-26th, 2024.

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