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010: Dancing into the New Year - Heartfelt Intentions vs Resolutions
Episode 1029th December 2020 • It Takes Two to Tango: Conversations that Move Us • Martina Meyer and Nat Couropmitree
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In our last episode of 2020, Nat and Martina ponder the difference between intentions, goals and resolutions for the New Year. We discuss (1) Why resolutions often feel heavy, why they require so much effort, and ultimately rarely work; (2) How knowing the difference between intentions and goals allows us to use both of them more effectively, and, pun intended, more intentionally; and, (3) How to use commitments in a way that feeds us, makes us feel lighter, and even creates a sense of magic and mystery...

We wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year, with intentions that inspire you to love, laugh and dance!

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