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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 20, 13th October 2020
Hidden Profit Centers In Your Business with Rob Hanly
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Hidden Profit Centers In Your Business with Rob Hanly

Being a successful entrepreneur is more than just “creating value.” In fact, entrepreneurship will challenge you in the simplest way: Are you good at what you like? In this new episode of Business School, Sharran talks with Rob Hanly about how he helps businesses find hidden wealth by dissecting every part of their business. They discuss what every business owner should be tracking, how powerful your intuition is, and why creating value is as simple as being who you are.

“The way people make money isn’t through adding value; it’s through capturing value.”

- Rob Hanly

In This Episode:

- What a diamond digging site teaches us about entrepreneurship, opportunity, and luck

- Every business NEEDS to understand these metrics

- How Rob connects physical goods with digital assets to expand his money-making opportunities

- The scientifically-proven way to make and keep wealth

- Why having FEWER goals leads to MORE success

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