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Overcoming Long-Hauler Syndrome with Dr. Jessica Drummond
Episode 2317th May 2023 • Resilient Health Radio • Dr. Darin Ingels
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Although the early days of the pandemic seem far behind us, there are a select few that still are struggling daily with the long-term effects.

I had Dr. Jessica Drummond share her personal experience with “long-hauler syndrome” on my podcast after being infected in late 2020.

Despite being a physically fit runner, she had to navigate the challenges of a long recovery. The complexities outweigh the research in this case, and this interview introduced protocols for those suffering not only long-hauler syndrome, but dysautonomia, chronic fatigue, or brain fog.

Dr. Drummond is incredibly well respected in our naturopathic medicine community for all things endometriosis, a painful & common condition in women where the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus.

One of the reasons I pursued naturopathic medicine was because a loved one had endometriosis, and an acupuncturist/Craniosacral therapist was able to improve her condition immensely. This person inspired me to dig deeper into the world of traditional medicine.

I wanted to share an eBook she wrote, Outsmart Endo Belly, which is an absolutely fantastic resource for anyone with endometriosis:




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