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Ep. #55 | Who Were The Anunnaki? with Esoteric Eddie
Episode 5520th November 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 55, Marc is joined by the author inquisitor of all things esoteric, Esoteric Eddie! Eddie guides us through his interest in all things hidden as a teenager and how reading the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the work of Zecharia Sitchin - along with a few otherworldly experiences of his own - propelled young Eduardo into becoming the Esoteric Eddie of today.

Marc and Eddie dive into the content of Eddie's book "The Anunnaki Theorem," in which we try to determine who these "Anunnaki" were worshipped as gods by the Sumerians. Were they aliens from the "10th planet," as Sitchin believed? A highly advanced yet still human breakaway civilization? Or something else altogether?

In the Smoke-Filled Room for Marc Clair Show Members, Eddie digs deeper into some of his strange, out-of-body experiences as a teenager, including his astral encounter with an energy demon!

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