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#12: Re-doing the Ideation Bootcamp Sales Page (w/ CEO of TheHustle Sam Parr)
Episode 1220th September 2020 • Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting • Neville Medhora
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We went and live edited the copy on a product by TheHustle called The Ideation Bootcamp with CEO Sam Parr.This was an already great landing page, but we sprinkled some Copywriting Course magic on it to add some more sections to it that could massively boost conversions.

Here’s the resources we used:

– Google Doc Notes: [link]

– Full Livestream Video: [link]

– The Ideation Bootcamp: [link]

– The Original Sales Page: [link]

We hope by viewing this “consultation-like” video it inspires you to join Copywriting Course to get similar feedback in our active forum, and video Office Hours.

Below in this post are notes to make the page better. Enjoy!

You can see some more info and notes here:



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