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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 16, 16th November 2020
Deep Dive with Dr. Mike (Part 3)
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Deep Dive with Dr. Mike (Part 3)

Dr. Mike is back for the third time!

Dr. Michael Ricciardi is a NYC based Esthetic, Implant and Reconstructive dentist, and a Professor in a postgraduate program at NYU. He teaches and mentors International doctors in the art of Esthetic dentistry. He has published numerous articles in prestigious peer-reviewed international dental journals. Dr. Mike regularly provides pro bono esthetic and restorative dentistry to some who could not afford it and also to women that were victims of domestic violence. He has traveled to Nicaragua and Guatemala for the past 10 years providing dentistry and mentorship in the programs Bridges to Community and The Open Wide Foundation.

Dr. Mike is most passionate about teaching, and diving deep into the mysteries of life and consciousness through experiential learning. With many years of experience in practices ranging from Zen Buddhism to Shamanism and plant medicine, Dr. Mike has been dedicated to experiential learning. Currently, his practices include meditation, Taiji, neigong, Argentine tango, and oil painting. Dr. Mike approaches life by the philosophy, nothing is ordinary, everything is sacred.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Generational trauma and conditioning and how to show up with compassion
  • Subtle realms, alternate experiences, and plant medicine journeys 
  • The shattering of the ego construct and integration 
  • The healing energy of compassion and loving presence
  • How technology and our modern system has created division, distraction, and separation
  • Religion and how we have come to misinterpret the message of the Mystics
  • The modern stigma around plant medicine and answering the call

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