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How To Set KickAss Intentions In 2023 | EP#38
Episode 389th January 2023 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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I am someone who for most of my life struggled to see my goals, my aspirations, MY DREAMS, to fruition. 

Every new year, I like many people, entered with the “NEW YEAR NEW ME” energy that quickly dissipated within a couple of months. 

The end of each year came around and the list of goals I had completed vs HAD NOT was typically less than 10% (Hard pill to swallow for someone who has big aspirations).

This past year I completed over 60% of my goals (>600% Improvement) AND identified 1 MAJOR REASON why that was so and that is what I share in this episode.

In this episode we covered,

  • The DO’S & DON’TS of setting intentions
  • The difference between an INTENTION & a GOAL
  • How to create KICKASS intentions

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My INTENTION is that this podcast serves you in creating intentions that light you the fuck up and support you in CRUSHING your goals and living with more peace and prosperity.




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