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Why We're Ditching the Term 'Imposter Syndrome'
Episode 1121st March 2022 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Everyone’s experienced self-doubt at some point. However, downplaying our accomplishments and skills might lead to negative self-talk. That's not to say questioning yourself is completely bad — sometimes it can spur you to improve!


Episode Highlights

[03:46] The Imposter Syndrome

  • Many people today use the phrase 'imposter syndrome' without much thought. 
  • Impostor syndrome can make you feel like a fraud.

[08:37] Take a Break 

  • Professionals who work in high-stress environments are more likely to be harsh on themselves.

[11:03] Imposter Syndrome and Gaslighting 

  • Find out why someone supposedly has imposter syndrome — it may be a more significant problem than you expect.
  • The problem may be systemic.
  • Telling someone that they may be experiencing imposter syndrome can be a form of gaslighting. 

[13:47] How Self-Doubt Can Help You

  • Self-doubt is healthy when you associate it with a growth mindset. 
  • We are human — expect mistakes. We can, however, grow and change.

[21:14] Spotting Unhelpful Thoughts

  • No one has everything figured out.
  • Examine your thoughts and decide to be kinder to yourself.
  • It's crucial to share your thoughts with others and reflect.

[24:59] Leadership and Vulnerability 

  • It's helpful for leaders to reveal their vulnerabilities. 
  • Leave a job when your unique abilities and talents aren't a good fit.

[31:36] The Need For Supervision 

  • Medical professionals have access to many coaching programs, but rarely use them. 
  • Coaching programs do not tell you what to do; they encourage you to determine what is most important to you.

[35:45] Self-Compassion 

  • Imagine yourself speaking to a loved one. Consider what you would say to them if they were in a similar situation.
  • You are worthy of self-compassion.

[39:39] Change The Way You Think

  • Consider the higher purpose of what you're doing instead of thinking you're not good enough.
  • Everyone is capable of improving themselves through training.
  • Success also means celebrating small wins. 

[44:38] Sarah’s Top Three Tips 

  • Examine the source of your self-doubt.
  • Share your thoughts with others. 
  • Practice self-compassion.

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