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367 | 3 Questions To Find Your Purpose
Episode 36727th December 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Everyone has a purpose, but sometimes we have no idea what it is. That sense of worthlessness can be overbearing but there are three simple questions you can ask yourself that hold the clues to what your purpose is. Remember that if you are breathing air, you have purpose. And interestingly enough, you can have multiple purposes! Give yourself permission to not have a clearly defined purpose right now and take the time to find what it is. Once you’ve got it, schedule that time to be purposeful and live your purpose daily. Listen to this episode for those three important questions to start unlocking the clues to your unique purpose.

You will learn:

  • [2:00] - It's hard to get into dream mode when you're in survival mode.
  • [2:27] - How can I add value to others?
  • [3:10] - What makes you cry? What brings you joy?
  • [4:56] - The answers to these questions are clues to your purpose.
  • [5:41] - You can have different purposes in different parts of your life.
  • [7:04] - Vague purposes are okay but ask yourself how you can make this more concise.
  • [8:00] - If you’re living out your purpose, you will be rewarded for just starting.
  • [8:58] - You have to schedule something purpose-focused every day.

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