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Is Fear Keeping You From Success? Part 1 with Guest Cami Beckley
Episode 23928th December 2021 • The Solution a Real Estate Podcast • The Solution a Real Estate Podcast
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This new season is about going back to basics and helping agents improve to deliver a better experience for the consumer.

In today’s podcast, we have special guest Cami Beckley joining us. Cami has been a REALTOR® since 1989 and is a member of the Sibbach Team (learn more about the team 👉️ Cami is joining us to share her experience as an active member of the real estate industry and to help YOU sell more houses.

We’re putting a real estate spin on Abraham Maslow’s four stages of learning. But first, there are roughly six major categories that you can’t avoid if you want to sell houses. If you want to sell 100+ houses a year, you have to be good at all of these.

  1. Use videos for marketing.
  2. Be good at finding houses outside of the MLS (off-market properties). “If you’re not a house-finder you’re lazy.” It’s easy to go to the MLS to find properties. But any agent can do that. You need to bring value and show your clients properties no one else can find.
  3. Be good at selling houses. This goes beyond posting the property to the MLS. Your marketing should include social media platforms that align with where your clients spend their time.
  4. Farm to dominate a neighborhood.
  5. Leverage open houses.
  6. Invest time into your database. You can’t build your real estate business without using (and actively updating) your database. It’s the only way you’re going to stay organized and on top of your clients.

So how do these six things tie into the four stages of learning? When you understand the four stages of learning you’ll be able to transform your business as it provides a model for learning. As you recognize you’re incompetent (instead of making excuses as to why you lost the deal), you’re able to develop that skill set.

The four stages of learning are:

  1. Unconscious incompetence: You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Conscious incompetence: You’re aware of the areas you need to improve upon and learn.
  3. Conscious competence: You don’t know how to do something, but you’re aware of the gap in your knowledge. In this stage, there’s usually a lot of trial and error.
  4. Unconscious competence: You’re competent at something and do it unconsciously. This is something you can do in your sleep.

What is your stimulus to learn? In Cami’s case, her phone stopped ringing. Fear set in and she knew she needed to make adjustments in her business and bridge the gap in her skills. She had to be more realistic with her goals, knowing that something needed to change. Prior to joining the Sibbach Team, Cami says she was “winging it”. She didn’t know the trends that were shaping the industry let alone new sales and marketing strategies. She was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Cami knew she couldn’t do it without another successful REALTOR® by her side.

Listen to the full episode for examples on the four levels of learning and how they apply to real estate and to hear more of Cami’s story.

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