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From Australia to Ohio: The Turnkey Empire Success Story w/ Engelo Rumora
Episode 5746th May 2024 • Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network • REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing
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🌏 From Australia to Ohio: Discover Engelo Rumora's journey to building a Turnkey Empire in real estate! 🏠✨

Engelo Rumora, the dynamic real estate investor from Down Under, shares his inspiring story on how he left Australia, ventured into the unpredictable market of Ohio, and built a thriving Turnkey real estate empire. Despite starting with nothing in a foreign land, Engelo's relentless drive and innovative strategies have led him to flip over a thousand properties and establish multiple successful businesses.

In this video:

- 🚀 Learn how Engelo transitioned from a life of sports to dominating the real estate industry.

- 🌟 Discover the strategies that helped him overcome massive debts and turn them into profitable investments.

- 🏗️ Get an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of managing extensive rehab projects and property management.

- 💡 Engelo shares invaluable tips for anyone looking to dive into Turnkey investing and how to avoid common pitfalls.

📈 Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, Engelo's journey provides actionable insights and motivation to propel your real estate aspirations to new heights. His unique approach to business, emphasis on networking, and commitment to hard work are lessons for building generational wealth through strategic investments.

🔗 Want more? Visit Engelo's platform at []( for further insights and opportunities in real estate investing.

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💬 "Investing in real estate should be about putting money in your pocket, not taking it out." - Engelo Rumora

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0:00 - Intro

1:10 - Investing in Ohio

3:26 - Importance of Conviction

7:01 - School Dropout Story

8:50 - Family Reaction to US Move

9:32 - Secrets to Success

12:51 - Overcoming Depression Tips

14:34 - Maintaining a Go-Getter Mindset

17:52 - Like, Share, & Subscribe

18:23 - Lessons from 1,000 Property Flips

20:47 - Understanding Turnkey Real Estate

22:30 - Questions for Turnkey Providers

24:22 - Aligning Interests with Investors

27:38 - Common Real Estate Investor Mistakes

28:53 - Recommended Reading

29:10 - Time Travel Advice

29:30 - Time-Saving Processes

30:20 - Unasked Questions Insight

30:38 - Visit

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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack




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